Keep Sending Love

It’s a conundrum to consider, how the very act of speaking truth or shining light on hidden “realities” result in defensiveness from those with a different awareness and in this sense, fuel divide and conquer agendas. We can say it’s a “trigger” for the human on the other end, potentially leading to deeper seeing and healing but if the reflection can’t be accessed for whatever reason, it doesn’t come out that way. My intention is always to love and inspire and when sharing my perspectives result in making another human angry or pained, I must reflect as well. It is no one’s “job” to “trigger” another human. Yet the pursuit of love and truth is organic to who We Are. Conundrum, indeed.

I have experienced many times where decisions to live according to truth or Seeing which do not support mainstream beliefs or rhetoric result in accusations that those decisions are themselves “judgmental”; by speaking truth of what one Sees, or not engaging in behaviors or even “holidays” rooted in lies and genocide results in defensiveness and accusations from those who cling. To the one who is attempting to honor truth and be authentically loving in actions as well as words, accusations like this *feel* like gaslighting. In some cases that is absolutely the case, but I also feel deeply how energies work to try to keep everyone “in line,” often through other humans. We are typically completely unaware of our role in this when it occurs and so having awareness of how we make others feel attacked or judged when and if we create new spaces or shine light on dark spaces or engage in healing actions is a meaningful discernment. It’s all a mirror and what we do with it has everything to do with where we are headed.

When it comes to some familial spaces, the fear from within the biological family that is activated when a family member grows and expands beyond the hive mind can be met with compassion as well. This is not an easy thing, when an expanding family member is seen as a straw (wo)man to be knocked down, but it is an opportunity to practice deeper levels of acceptance and compassion and use one’s own triggers as fodder for more self reflection, leading to deeper empowerment and sovereignty from a space of integrity, truth, love. Distance from spaces that attack one’s growth is often part of this when one’s emotional health depends upon it, but other times it can be discerned as an invitation to engage, and to practice what one preaches. It is my knowing that authentic love can not be accessed without a conjunction with truth but it is also a path and not a switch that can be flipped. It is also not a conjunction that can be upheld in all spaces by all players at any given moment. We are each on our own paths with different levels of awareness, from Moment to Moment.

Loving is holding space for however another human does each moment, culminating in a Life, and recognizing when we are being pointed to deeper awareness, or maybe are provided with an opportunity to practice “live and let live” and accept dissonance without judgment, as this is where division comes in to play. This does not mean *stopping* however we shine light or stop working to heal unloving or repressive spaces.

What I am speaking to here is how all of us can fuel divide and conquer agendas even when our intentions come from love and truth. In a nutshell? Do you, live in resonance with your Seeing, and send love. 💞Don’t ever stop sharing or modeling, hell no. But, have awareness of the sneaky nature of division.

From a bird’s eye view, online spaces/platforms for connection are feeling more and more to me like throwing a stone into a void even when intentions are to share perspectives, foster connection, and inspire each other. It’s like our smallest differences get emphasized there and sharing any perspective becomes a conduit for more division. I am feeling more deeply every moment how meaningful and purposed it is to emphasize and create physical spaces to come together and connect vis-a-vis, where communications can be readjusted as many times as it takes to access loving connection, where possible.

And while we’re all working with what we’ve got, let’s not forget to enjoy the ride. 💞

keep sending love

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