The Slices of Truth on the Path of the Seeker

We are schooled in the spaces in which we are here to shine light, speak to, heal, change— even if those spaces exist only in ourselves (which is impossible, for the generational and energetic impact this has). Some of us work with children. Some of us work with trauma. Some of us work with the Earth and the Waters. Some of us work with Joy, and the Creative Spirit. Some of us work with hidden agendas and forces. Some of us work with lineage healing. Some of us work with teaching self-connection. Some of us work with conscious parenting dynamics, loving “divorce”, evolutionary love. Some of us work with consciousness, ego, thought forms. Some of us have lost children, and I can’t even begin to sum up with words what that work looks like. Some of us work with the physical body. Some of us work with the feminine, the masculine, or both. Some of us work to expose false love, narcissistic world dynamics, pathology, Stockholm syndrome. Some of us work jobs inside the matrix construct and hold the frequency in that space day after day. Many of us work with many of these things at once, or others not mentioned. They are all equally and beautifully purposed. When we internally emphasize one space over another, it is possible that this is a space we have been schooled in and can work in, beautifully. Someone else’s work does not render ours unjust, or lesser. It just means we are part of an army. 💙

Our perceptual realities are our truth, and just as we can hold space for the reality of another, we can self-reflect when we witness in ourselves an exertion to strong arm others into seeing or speaking things our way, from our current belief system. The latter is the opposite of holding space and may prevent us from taking real action to heal wounds in the world, ourselves, and in our lineage.

The law of attraction was never meant to suggest the universe is a slot machine. It was meant to inspire awareness that we will attract circumstances beneficial to our growth. Likewise, some circumstances are incredibly painful, abusive, traumatic, and to assert that we create them with our thinking is to insinuate that one brings them on themselves, which results in shame and self blame, and keeps one spinning alone in their perceptual reality, rather than engaging in true healing work. We can see how this plays out in spiritual communities when our connections (or clients, if we are in the healing field) share with us, spinning in those cyclic spaces. 💙

We are having a human experience. This includes the whole gamut of human emotions. These can be embraced rather than bypassed, shamed, or forced into something different. How can we be present if we are resisting what Is? How can we be here Now if we are suppressing our authentic experience and truth? This leads only to spaces of what is Not, and prevents us from accessing true healing and from witnessing and authentically loving others. To achieve the latter, we must first become comfortable with our own wounds and dark spaces. In a dualistic universe, this can be understood intellectually as well as felt with our Hearts. We can also feel into how divide and conquer agendas play out in connection and community when we fall into the trap of “rightness.” This is a process, as embodiment does not come with a switch that can be flipped.

Joy is intrinsic to the human experience. It is intertwined with the Creative Spirit, a gift to humanity that can not be overstated in its beauty. It is astonishing. It brings us to our knees, brings us to song, to dance, to create, to love deeply! It is who we are, and yet we also live in the World, which is fraught with self-disconnection. It is beautiful to model vulnerability, to speak our stories, and to use those spaces to empower us to the action pieces that will ultimately create new paradigms and experiences— within ourselves, and with others. It is a process, and each facet of the process is as purposed as any other.

There are many slices to consider; there is not “one answer.” A few years ago, I was deeply entrenched in the law of attraction and developed a process for my clients that guided them to “shift” from painful spaces into joy and sovereignty. As I travelled my own path, and witnessed the paths of my clients and connections, the process veered and shifted organically to include a deeper healing process. It is true that our thoughts will create our experience. It is also true that we will not authentically experience the higher frequency thoughts we wish to cultivate with longevity and consecutively until we shine the light on the spaces to be healed, take action to do so, and embody the peace that results. 💙

For each of us, it is a long and winding path. I can speak only to what I have learned and have seen thus far, and witnessed in mySelf. Like the previous spaces I have been in, I suspect this will grow as I travel farther, witness more experiences of others, as well as my own.

Today I send love and acceptance to all the emotions in the world, every thought form, every experience. May we lead with love, rather than fear; may we know deep, authentic joy every single day; may we embrace the human experience and witness our own as gateways to our gifts, Seeing, and soul-lead path. May we embrace others in their perceptual realities to combat divide and conquer agendas; to work together to embody all We Are. May we remain open to the wisdom of others, young, middle aged and croned. May we honor all slices, all perceptual realities, and all humans.

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