The Diamond

Just like us, our Children embody many gifts, and when we listen, we can hear them Remembering. They have the ability to alchemize: to transform unconsciousness into consciousness, the illusion of separateness into connection, and fear into love. We can:

–remove potential barriers and connect with supportive, expansive spaces;

–clear the path for them to Be exactly who they ARE;

–shield them from unloving or limiting cultural and World programs, and

–cultivate energies within our families that are accepting, supportive and nurturing.

The first step in all of this, as with everything, is to feel our own feels, embody self-acceptance, and have the courage to embrace the self-healing path. Until we do this, we may be unable to peel away the myriad layers of the Construct, as we will not See the Construct itself, will not See the unloving programs and dysfunctions, and will not See the projections of our own wounds onto our children. Equally important is the deep knowing and loving acceptance that we, as caregivers and divine parents, are growing, healing, and peeling back the layers for ourselves, too. We can embrace ourselves in that space, and suspend judgment for past behaviors, actions, or unconscious perspectives. We can embrace patience for ourselves as we practice embodying our deep knowings, sometimes in the face of personal challenges, external and internal resistance, and misunderstandings.

Driving home from nature camp yesterday, my 6 year old says: “Hey mom. I want to tell you about the rock in my shoe!”

Me: “Tell me.”

Owen: “I found this cool rock and I’m going to bury it for 50 years. After 50 years it will turn into a diamond!” 

Me: “That’s awesome! How come is it in your shoe?”

Owen: “I don’t have pockets.”

Me: “Wow! Your shoe is a great idea. Was it uncomfortable to walk and play all day with a rock in your shoe?”

Owen: “A little bit. But it’s worth it!”

Me: “Totally. You’re an alchemist!”

Owen: “Yup. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.”


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